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Hotel Leasing Services

Hotel Leasing

Fixed Rent OR Revenue Sharing with Minimum Guarantee (MG)

Services To The Tenant/lessee

  • Hotel Search: Identify suitable hotels matching your requirements.
  • Arrange property visits (recce).
  • Present your profile to hotel owners and conduct introduction & negotiation meetings.
  • Assist in negotiations regarding rent, security, and lease terms.
  • Provide advice on market trends, business potential, occupancy, ARR, and GOP.
  • Offer guidance & support in Sales & Marketing.
  • Assist in building travel agents network and provide database.
  • Consultation on Digital Marketing, Social Media, Google, and OTA Integration.
  • Provide guidance on Wedding Business, MICE, School Group business.
  • Assist in staff hiring.
  • Manage dispute resolution.
  • Safeguard your market reputation in case of any conflicts.

We provide all the necessary information to empower you to make well-informed decisions when acquiring a hotel on lease.


Services To The Hotel Owners

  • Identify suitable lessees who qualify the profile & financial requirements of the owners.
  • Participate in negotiations related to rent, security, and lease terms.
  • Provide advice on rent, payment terms, property maintenance, and termination clauses.
  • Conduct background checks on lessees upon request
  • Draft ideal agreements
    - Advising on various lease/license and MOU options to meet the requirement of Part A + B and lease durations.
  • Provide guidance on both non-registered and registered agreements (long-term or yearly with MOU)
    - Include clauses in agreements to safeguard owner's rights and property.
    - Manage and resolve disputes.
  • Offer taxation advisory services.

Crafting a meticulously detailed agreement covering every nuance to safeguard against any potential disputes in the future. Providing expert advice to minimize tax liability, educating on Lease agreement, Leave & License agreement, Cash Flow assurance agreement, Memorandum of Understanding, and meeting the Part A + B requirements.

Conflict & dispute resolution

We understand that matters involving money and property are inherently sensitive. By actively listening and comprehending the conflict, our conflict resolution service aims to resolve disagreements and foster a healthy owner-lessee relationship.

As a mediator, we facilitate the amicable resolution of any dispute, difference, claim, or question that may arise between the owner and the lessee.

We believe that crafting an ideal agreement can go a long way in sustaining long-term business relationships, preventing disputes, and ultimately saving time and costs for all parties involved.

Our strategic advisory and consultation empower our clients to cultivate and sustain long-term, positive owner-lessee relationships.

We have cultivated an unparalleled reputation and fostered rebust business relationships with hundreds of hotel owners and hoteliers across various locations.

Aura Advisory Fees

line Both from the Owner and the Lessee based on fixed rent or MG line

Up To 2 Years

15 days rent

3 to 5 years

21 days rent

Above 5 years

30 days rent

Entire Fee Payable:

On signing the Agreement or handover of the property, whichever is earlier.


All discussions with owners and lessees (hoteliers) are treated with the utmost confidentiality.

On a successful transaction:

Engage in amicable discussions with the Owner/Lessee regarding our brokerage. A minimum fee equivalent to 15 days is charged from each party (Owner and Lessee)