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Anil Garg

Anil Garg, a distinguished hospitality professional, excels as a trusted hotel advisor and broker with 20 years+ of diverse experience.

He leverages profound hospitality industry knowledge and financial expertise to unlock opportunities for success in hotel transactions.

He has guided numerous clients in brand affiliations, hotel leasing, sales, land transactions, negotiations, and contract signings.

A perpetual learner and dedicated self-starter, he manages clients across cities, fostering strong relationships. His sharp mind synthesizes information to formulate strategic solutions and advisory.

Renowned for "Making Deals Happen," and adeptly overcoming challenges that may arise during a deal.

With astute business analysis, superior negotiation skills, and a penchant for scouting hotels, owners and talent, he demonstrates keen acumen in assessing hotel ventures, excelling in contract drafting, transaction execution, and thoughtful problem-solving.

He has had the privilege of collaborating with premier hotel chains/brands, working closely with hotel owners to unleash the true potential of their properties.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Delhi University and a full-time Master’s from the Indian Institute of Management (IMT-Ghaziabad).

A seasoned hotelier, he adeptly managed diverse hotel functions—operations, digital and social media marketing, OTA, sales and marketing strategies, wedding business, built travel agent networks, participated in trade fairs (OTM, TTF, SATTE), online reputation management.

Formerly an educator, he taught finance and taxation to CA students and QA & LR to MBA/CAT aspirants.

As the Director at ACD TALENT, he excels in critical talent search mandates in India & the Middle East, having assessed over 50,000 mid to top-level professionals. With a robust understanding of various industries and roles, he brings valuable expertise to recruitment.