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Aura Hotel Advisor & Broker

The hospitality industry is inherently challenging, demanding constant adaptation to the ever-evolving needs of consumers.

Elevate your hospitality ventures with AURA, your Trusted Advisor in the Hotel Space.
Aura Hotel Advisor & Broker stands as a beacon of trust in the realm of hotel consultancy and investment advisory.

We take pride in having cultivated an unparalleled reputation and fostering robust business relations with hundreds of Hotel Owners and Hoteliers across diverse locations. Hotel owners and developers seek guidance on strategic decisions such as what to build, where to build, how to build, optimal investment levels, and suitable partnerships.

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What We Do

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Icon Brand Affiliation

Elevate your position in the competition by aligning with the right brand.

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Icon Hotel Leasing

Hotel Leasing: Fixed Rent OR Revenue Sharing with Minimum Guarantee (MG)

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IconHotel Buy & Sell Services

Hotel Mergers, acquisitions and disposals (Hotel Buy | Sell)

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Icon Land Acquisition (Buy | Sell)

We provide all the necessary information for you to make well-informed decisions regarding Land Sale/Purchase.

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Icon Hotel Business Consultation & Support Services

Discover the pinnacle of hospitality success with our complimentary, comprehensive Hotel Business (Specially Sales & Marketing) Consulting and Support Services.

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Icon Wed Venue Experts

At Wed Venue Experts, we specialize in recommending venues that align perfectly with your needs, budget, and expectations for ambiance, amenities, and guest experience.

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Conflict & Dispute Resolution

We understand that matters involving money and property are inherently sensitive. By actively listening and comprehending the conflict, our conflict resolution service aims to resolve disagreements and foster a healthy owner-lessee relationship.

As a mediator, we facilitate the amicable resolution of any dispute, difference, claim, or question that may arise between the owner and the lessee.

We believe that crafting an ideal agreement can go a long way in sustaining long-term business relationships, preventing disputes, and ultimately saving time and costs for all parties involved.

Our strategic advisory and consultation empower our clients to cultivate and sustain long-term, positive owner-lessee relationships.

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Hotel, Resort - Franchise, Leasing & Advisory Consulting Solutions Your Trusted Hospitality Advisors

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